One Art in Choosing the Perfect Bed Sheet: Insights from a Luxury Hotels Supplier

Tuesday, 18th of June, 2024

The everyday consumer's common buying habit when it comes to bed sheets, would perhaps be simply walking into a department store, picking a beautiful printed sheet, by just touching and feeling the material.

But how do hotels pick sheets for guests? Are sheets in hotels special? What makes a hotel bed sheet different?

These are all questions that we hope to shed light on in and endeavour to help you find some of the best sheets on the market.

When choosing a bed sheet a number of technical factors come into play, that can alter the look, feel, and experience of the sleeper.

For now, we'll look at just two:

  1. Cotton vs Polyester-Cotton (Polycotton)
  2. Thread Counts

So what's the difference between Cotton and Polycotton, and why does it matter?

Well, to put it simply, a 100% cotton bed sheet is cooler than a polyester-cotton mixed bed sheet.

That means, in a bedroom setting that is not quite cool, a 100% cotton bed sheet would likely be a better option to purchase, than a polyester-cotton bed sheet.

However that said, a polyester-cotton bed sheet may appear neater to the eye, and potentially make the bed and bedding look more higher in quality.

Hotels invest in both options. They both have a balance of feel vs look, and from the right supplier or brand, can both be exceptional pieces of bedding.

So then what's thread count? And why does that matter?

Thread Count or commonly abbreviated as TC, is the number of threads woven into a single square inch of fabric.

To give it perspective, a fabric with a higher TC would be thicker and heavier than a fabric that is lower in thread count.

Now, does that mean a fabric that is higher in TC is essentially better in quality?

Absolutely not. A 300 TC sheet from a good manufacturer could be a better choice than a 1000 TC sheet from a not so good manufacturer,

In other words, when trying to measure a fabric's comfort, it's softness, or breathability, thread count would not be measure that can tell you this.

So a fabric's quality of threads, what they're made of and so on, matter, than simply the number of threads in a square inch.

So what should you choose?

"Gentelle Hotel Supplies Co Ltd" - One of the top hotel suppliers for bed and bath linens in Saudi Arabia, supplies hotels with sheets in different configurations including the following:

  1. 300 TC 100% Cotton Sheet
  2. 250 TC Polyester Cotton Sheet

For hotel procurement teams, buying offices, hospitality CEOs, or anyone with a requirement for premium linens, these are two options that can likewise be considered. Yet, again, the quality of threads do matter, and reaching out to Gentelle's team for expert advise, could be starting point for obtaining some hotel linen buying insights, even if you're not planning on making any immediate purchases.

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