GHS, Saudi Arabia – September 8, 2023 – Starting September 10th! The international rendezvous for the hospitality industry is back in the amazing city of Riyadh once again, where it exhibits great promise as once more being a superb arena for B2B decision makers. Among the many great companies and brands exhibiting at the show, is Gentelle, a leading hotelier linens brand with a solid presence in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The brand is known for it’s commitment towards excellence with it’s elegant and well-manufactured linens and intelligent pricing options being milestone factors of consideration to decision makers. These highly influential decision makers in the hospitality industry include CEOs, directors, Executive & Non-executive Housekeepers, Purchasing Managers, and so on.

As a leading executive housekeeper at Intercontinental Hotel said,

“Good quality linen, big improvement in terms of quality and the service was excellent. Very reliable and punctual.”

With the use of technologically innovative production facilities, and industrially acknowledged / state-of-the-art equipment and machinery, and a business process geared towards perfection, the company’s flagship line-up of products remain on par with global standards.

As the Hotel Show draws closer, Gentelle once more in it’s pursuit towards excellence, looks to raise the bar and deliver products that promise to transform guest experiences from mundane to magnificent.

The Manager for Sales & Marketing, Asmer Abdul Akbar said,

It’s not just about the products; it’s about our commitment to crafting experiences that leave a mark for guests to remember.”

The Gentelle line-up of signature products include high-quality, and affordable, elegant hotelier pillows, sheets, protectors, towels, rugs, robes, table-cloths, and very much more.

In addition to the featured range of products, Gentelle Hotel Supplies Co. Ltd., KSA, under it’s umbrella of partnering brands, offers it’s patrons a wider selection of hotelier products at the Gentelle Boutique located in Jeddah.

From Basilur’s delicious range of Ceylonese teas, to Wilmax and Bonna’s elegant, creative stainless steel and fine porcelain tableware, to industry grade bins from Eco, and much more.

While the wide of range of product and brand is exhibited and available for now only at the Gentelle Boutique in Jeddah, the company will unveil at the 3 day hotel show, it’s primary flagship brand Gentelle, and it’s partnering brand Basilur.

Gentelle’s participation in the Hotel & Hospitality Show underscores its commitment to innovation and its resolute efforts to stay ahead of the curve. At the Gentelle booth, visitors will not merely interact with products; they will step into an experience where quality meets comfort.

To register and attend the show, go here:

Meet some of Gentelle’s top consultants and decision makers at the show on the 10th, 11th, and 12th of September (this month) 2023.

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