A guest’s comfortable sleep experience is the dream of many hosts and hoteliers. And this means everything from the colour of the walls, the ceiling, the mood lighting of the room, the ambience, the right sound profile, the temperature, cleanliness, and excellent bed and bedding matter.

Finely crafted hotel-grade bedding is designed for enhancing that comfort in bed, and upgrading the guest experience.

So what are the key features of hotel-grade bedding?

When it comes to pillows, the hardness/softness of a pillow, size and shape greatly matter to each person on an individual level. This means, that while some prefer a soft gel like pillow, other people may prefer a harder orthopaedic pillow that softly cradles the natural curve of the neck.

For this reason, some of the top hotels offer a pillow menu allowing the guest to pick and choose their ideal pillow.

Today, while many worthy pillows brands feature in the marketplace, the top-line Gentelle brand of Microfiber Pillows and Natural Latex Pillows are found in many hotels in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and are known to be excellent, and designed for comfort.

When it comes to sheets, hotels around the world look for sheets crafted with outstanding fabrics, that can withstand industrial washing standards, while at the same time, provide a soft, delicate experience in bed.

The construction of hotel-grade bedding fabric (for sheets, duvet covers, pillow cases, etc) includes many fine technical elements, including the mercerisation process, the type of weave, sourcing and processing of cotton, and so on. While some of these specifications (like sanforisation) are responsible for ensuring minimal shrinkage in the washing process, some of the other technical specifications are designed for elevating that guest experience.

Upgrading the sleep experience of guests is a cornerstone in the hospitality industry. For this, buying excellent hotel-grade linens should be a necessity for serious hoteliers, especially linens used in some of the hotels of internationally acclaimed hotel brands.

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